Freemasonry for men and women

Freemasonry for Men and Women

Freemasonry for Men and Women

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Шта је

Универзална Ко-Масонерија је састављена од мушкараца и жена Слободних Зидара, братски сједињених без разлике расе, религије, вероисповести или сексуалне оријентације, Часни Ред Универзална Ко-Масонерија успоставила је систем рада који је и церемонијалан и симболичан и који омогућава својим члановима да подигну Мистични Храм Великом Архитекти Универзума и савршенство човечанства.

Знајући да је Масонерија најбоље средство за усавршавање човечанства, Ред стреми остварењу својих идеала стварањем међународне организације која братску љубав и истину проширује на све своје чланове. Уноверзална Ко-Масонерија основала је Масонску Владу која осигурава максималну слободу компатибилну са добровољно прихваћеном дисциплином и организованом према прописима Древних Школа Мистерија, Шкотског Обреда и Енглеског Обреда.

Ред пре свега жели да оствари на земљи највиши степен моралног, интелектуалног и духовног развоја за цело човечанство; ово је предуслов за сву срећу коју сваки појединац може постићи у братски организованом човечанству. Ред не испољава никакве догме. Уместо тога, његова сврха је тражење Истине. У Ложама, расправе дискусије и дебате о социјалним, филозофским или религиозним питањима немају другу сврху осим интелектуалног просветљења својих чланова и на тај начин омогућава им да посегну за већим разумевањем себе и човечанства. То се све постиже у настојању да извршавају своје слободнозидарске дужности.

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Masonic Education

Learn about the Western Esoteric Tradition
and Freemasonry.

Are you interested in becoming a Freemason, but need more information? Enroll in Universal Co-Masonry's On-line Masonic Seminar Series to learn more about Freemasonry, its requirements, and the philosphical background necassary to interpert its symbols.

Can Women

Universal Co-Masonry, like all Freemasonry, is descended from the Mystery Schools of ancient times. It is the preserver and practitioner of the wisdom and teachings of those noble institutions. What sets it apart from its male-only counterpart is the deliberate and principled inclusion of women in its Great Work. Throughout history there have been many women Freemasons, though for centuries they have been excused as cowans and intruders who had to be bound by obligation in order to preserve Masonic secrecy. Co-Masonry represents the first open, legal and deliberate effort to include women on equal footing with men in the Craft.

It is strongly believed by its members that Universal Co-masonry promotes the most honorable moral teachings and is the method by which Humanity will be reunited under the Fatherhood of God. Universal Co-Masonry believes that this already difficult task is made only more difficult by the exclusion of half of the human race. This opinion has been strongly held since the beginning of Universal Co-Masonry. The first Grand Commander of the Order, Louis Goaziou 33o, was adamant that women had just as much a right to the wisdom and teachings of Freemasonry as any man, "Masonry teaches the principles of the highest morality. It teaches good citizenship. It searches after Truth and more Light. Is there any good reason why women should be denied the advantages to be derived from such teachings? Is there anything in the wonderful symbolism of the working tools or in the ineffaceable lessons of the Sublime Degree that would not be as beneficial to women as to men?"

Universal Co-Masonry seeks to bring about the Perfection of Humanity and the Glory of God. It is our firm belief that without women being admitted to the ranks of Freemasonry on equal terms with men this task is rendered impossible. Humanity cannot become perfected if only half the species is allowed to participate in its perfection. Likewise, we cannot glorify God by dismissing half of His creation. It is only by uniting all of Humanity under the banner of Truth, Love and Morality can we ever have the hope of achieving the lofty ideals we have set before us.

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Masonic Philosophy
Philosophical Society

Creating centers of philosophical discussion on Religion, Esotericism, and Science without dogma or prejudice.

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Publishing Company

Providing high quality and invaluable writings that have influenced the minds of humanity throughout the ages.

Masonic Education
University of Arts and Science

An institution designed for those that seek the synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern science.

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Institute of Fine Arts

An organization devoted to promoting the creative arts and the expression of beauty in society.

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